Awkward Pictures: A NERU Story

While travelling through Sweden, I have attempted to visually document the experiences of an undergraduate beginning their research project while enjoying their involvement in a new country. Behind the silliness and genuinely good nature of everyone participating in this program, real and lasting scientific endeavors are being undertaken to help study the natural and anthropogenically driven changes of the Earth through the small town and surrounding area of Abisko. To me, these pictures are a small but truthful example of the NERU experience.

“This is our tired from travelling faces”. A quote from Amy that I feel accurately describes our journey from Boston to Abisko. Although it was a long one, everyone managed to stay positive and help move our ridiculous amount of luggage through two airports, a train, and vans to eventually arrive at our destination.

Our first day in Stordalen Mire, a reindeer decided to prance around us as we toured our research sites. This is his peeing stance.

There is a very impressive white water filled and man-made gorge not too far from the station, Paige had to stop me before I dived in. Apparently not the same deal as the lake by the sauna.

Paige enjoying some moist sphagnum.

Laura had her eyes closed the whole ride up to Nuojla. I lost my camera on the hike down and some nice Swedish person returned it to the tourist station for me. Thank you random citizen.

Abisko Sweden, mosquito and weird bee fly thing paradise.

This guy.

Apryl being photogenic in Norway.

I also went on a coring expedition with Apryl, Laura, Ruth, and Joel, and all I have to say is Joel’s face….

Also, Amy and cardboard moose in Kiruna “forging an alliance”.


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