Bountiful Moist Sphagnum

Posted by Paige

Hej hej!

I want to share my first adventure in Abisko, Sweden with you all!

On the first day of my arrival, I was completely sleep deprived and hungry but extremely excited! So I did what any of us would have done and adventured. Apryl, Kristen, and I threw our luggage in our room, grabbed our cameras and a snack, and ran into the woods. After a short while, we heard the sound of water. Not any water, but rushing water. Maybe a waterfall? This sound triggered a faint and exhausted memory of one of our mentors explaining the location of a runoff gorge. In excitement, Apryl, Kristen and I began to quicken our pace towards the sound. Met by a fork in the road, the three of us listened in all directions. The sound seemed to be coming from both directions. Fortunately for us, two Swedish men walking their dogs appeared from one of the paths and we asked where we could find the gorge. Pointing us in the right direction, we gave their dogs a brief pat, thanked the men, and briskly continued our journey to this mysterious gorge. The sound got louder and louder and louder. Then, we saw it….

Paige Post Gorge Pic


This magnificent gorge spraying out thousands of gallons a second caved in by thick stone walls surrounded us. We were in awe. Of course I, being who I am, needed to get closer. So I rounded the bridge at the top of the stone wall and found a pathway that lead down to the gorge’s output. When I got closer, I closed my eyes and felt the wind and mist brush across my face. I opened my eyes and thought, “well this is more like it.” At that moment, I knew how amazing this trip would be. Not only for me as a young scientist but for me as a person. At this moment I realized how precious life is and how you truly need to take advantage of as much as humanly possible.


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