Abisko, 2014

Posted by Apryl 

The day of departure started off well enough.  However, lurking in the shadows was an event that would change all that.  Everyone was on time, vans were loaded and we were en route to Logan airport.  Upon arrival at Logan all 37 bags of luggage were checked, and then with boarding passes in hand we headed to the security checkpoint.  The pass through security was mostly uneventful, though Amy did get her hands scrubbed with the bomb detector by two different TSA  employees.   Does she look suspicious to you?   At the designated time we all boarded the plane and approximately an hour later landed in Newark, NJ.  So far so good.

With a few hours to spare it’s off to find lunch and check out Newark Liberty International Airport.  Once again, at the designated time we head to the gate to board the plane.  There is an announcement that they are going to wait a short while before allowing us to board the plane as the cabin needs to cool off.  It appears that there was a problem with the air conditioning.  A short time later we board the plane and settle in.  Next stop is Stockholm Arlanda Airport!  A while later, the Captain announces that there is a mechanical issue with the relay that controls the switching of ground power to airplane power and that they have sent for a maintenance man to come and replace the faulty part.  Ok, no biggie.  So, about an hour and a half after our scheduled departure time, the plane has a new relay and we are taxiing towards the runway.  Instead of the announcement that we are taking off, the Captain informed us that the relay did not correct the problem and we are headed back to the gate.

Our flight was now officially delayed.  So in an effort to pass the time, we headed off in various groups to get dinner and wait.  Three hours later, at a different gate and with a new plane we are once again on our way.  It was essentially a very long and sleepless flight, but we made it to Stockholm Arlanda Airport without any other mechanical issues.

However, having missed the connecting flight to Kiruna and the next flight being full we have about a 6 hour wait before we can board a sleeper train to Kiruna.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Well, that’s really not so bad, except that it is sixteen hours from Stockholm to Kiruna and than another hour or hour and a half on to Abisko.  Positive side, plenty of time to catch up on sleep! Next feat – get 37 bags of luggage on the train….


Underground Train Platform

From Brittany and the rest of us – Welcome to Kiruna!

Kiruna - Brittany

Kiruna – Train Station


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