Hiking Nuolja

Posted by Ashley


Hej friends!

Just wanted to share some photos about hiking one of the beautiful mountains near Abisko. The mountain is called Nuolja and it is pretty close to the research station. We all heard that people who hiked it last year loved it, so we were anxious to try it for ourselves.

Unknowingly, two separate groups of us hiked it the other day (we met up near the summit and were surprised to find each other!) It was a typical day of weather in Abisko–unpredictable and ever-changing–so while the hike up offered incredible views of Tornetrask and the surrounding mountains, the hike down offered views of dense fog and clouds. A few times we stopped to get a view of a famous U-shaped valley carved by glaciation. It’s name, Lapporten, roughly translates to “the gate to Lappland.”

View over Tornetrask (hiking up)

View over Tornetrask (hiking up)

Foggier view on the hike down. You can still see Lapporten in the distance.

Foggier view on the hike down. You can still see Lapporten in the distance.

The trail I took with Maddie was marked with a flower symbol, which turned out to be very appropriate (and likely intentional) because the trail was flanked with large expanses of beautiful wildflowers as we approached the top.


The trail also followed a stream which we had to cross a few times, and there were a lot of interesting rocks. We came back with a few questions to ask the Geology majors in the group.


It was not the best weather for hiking (it rained on us nearly all the way up) but nothing could dampen our spirits upon reaching the summit.

I was particularly excited to see patches of snow near the top; coming from Georgia, it had been nearly three years since I’d seen snow. Maddie, who is from Alaska, was less enthused.


I also learned that the Scandinavian Mountains, of which Nuolja is a part, are geologically related to the Appalachians (they were connected before the breakup of Pangaea) which made me feel just a little bit closer to home.

Thanks for reading!


UPDATE: Here are some pictures from the other hiking group.(They saw a rainbow–how cool!)

Photos by Samantha Anderson 

IMG_9966 IMG_9967 IMG_9971 IMG_9972




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